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Weekend Drunks' Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2004-04-15 17:04

at sean's house right now just chillen and shit.

kenny is here
sean is here
linz is here
the dog is here
I am here.

I Am Almighty.

Havent wrote in here for a bit.

Shit has been the same. Maybe more smokin and drinkin than before, or just more drinkin'.

Word Life.

Hope To See You All Soon.

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Date:2004-03-03 13:13

Suck my dick, you're all my bitches.

I gives a mad fuck if anyone thinks Im crazy.

Try to live my life you fake ass bitches.

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Date:2004-03-03 10:40
Subject:the SUSPENSE!

there is none!

so i got suspended a few days ago, last thursday, for carrying zigzags and a lighter.

Also for being very belligerent and extremely defiant. this is so lame.

they called the fuckin cops on me for that lameness.

I fuckin hate life right now.

I contemplated suicide for a good hour or so in my room.

If i beat up my sister's boyfriend my whole traitor family will call the cops on me or send me to a group home!

They dont even know this little bitch! And i get fucked for standing up and telling him not to disrespect my house.

our house. whatever. stupid little bitch.

my homies will fuck him up for me anyways, they said they would.

"ill fuck him up for you, Kensey!"
i love my friends.

Now everything is gonna change cuz we're big ballers and shit.

but i dont give a fuck about money. I hate life right now and I want to take someone's.

My sister has this great idea of throwing me in jail hahah like that's gonna happen.

Why is my family against me? THEY'RE SUPPOSE TO BE MY FAMILY!!!!

ANyways, my sister is 18 and she dates a minor so Ill throw her ass in jail for statuatory rape.

No one can win against Kensey Barlow. NO ONE!

So fuck all of you. you're all my bitches. If i'd fuck over a family member just imagine what I'd do to an enemy.

I want to kill someone right now. Ever since last thursday life has been goin down the drain.


Now im a junkie and I have to go to a drug program or I go to a group home.

If i get sent away to a group home it's gonna be hell for everyone there. Ill either beat someone brutally, or kill someone.

I have so much damn anger in my right now you just dont know.

SO if you all think Im crazy now you can go sit on a plunger.

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Date:2004-01-24 10:48

last night i was so drunk.

i threw up on the floor in my room, the kitchen sink, and ON the toilet.

oh and Lucifer tried to kill me.

Im fuckin crazy.

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Date:2004-01-18 15:40

sup we're still here.

im at sean's house. last night we fucked it up as we do on every weekend.

with or without each other.

the weekend prior to this one was fuckin nuts.

the end.

p.s. new dog in the house and no school tomorrow

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Date:2003-12-22 10:37

sup im in north carolina.

things are ok i guess.

takin off to Mass. today. should be there for the 23rd.

this whole thing is about us going to ssee my dad's mom.

and she just got really sick and is in the hospital.

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Date:2003-12-17 18:50
Subject:vacation lame/alright

sup everyone

im in arkansas right now at the amerisuites hotel.

so damn happy they have a cable connection here.

i couldnt get a connection when i connect my phone to the laptop:(

so yea...

grand canyon was beautiful.
new mexico gave me illegal fireworks which i love.
texas gave 50mph gusty winds.
oklahoma gave nothing at all.
arkansas gives me internet.

ill be here till friday then i change hotels to mountainview then we go christmas caroling in a mountain cavern. i can go without that. we are ahead of schedule.

i climbed mtn pinnacle today. i reached the peak and chilled for about 35 mins till my dad reached the top. sis and moms didnt want to go to the peak, they were afraid.

so my pops and I sat on the very peak and edge of the mtn and i snapped a photo of us.

film not digital so you cant see till i return home to scan.
film is better than digital. REMEMBER THAT.

we snapped some pics of some hawks that were flying around us and stuff.

since i was waiting for such a long time on the peak i decided to walk down to meet up with my family and i slipped and slid down the mountain and grabbed onto a tree to save my life.

its all good.

im the greatest person in the world, nature cant fuck with me.

word life
take it easy
fuck all.

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Date:2003-12-11 16:56

ok here we go.

im leaving this saturday at 5am to take off to the east coast, mass. to be exact.

ill be back jan. 5th. I do not want to leave.

Im gonna miss a week of school and Ill have to make it all up.

what the fuck, i can just stay in school and get it done, but nooooooo.

fuck family vacations.

i hope i die over this vacation so my parents can have all the guilt of bringing me.

ive been complaining non-stop about how much i do not want to go to that shithole state and see those shit-faced relatives that i do not even know.

so everybody can miss me and miss me even more if I in fact do die.

let's all cross our fingers.

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Date:2003-12-06 16:03

so im leavin the 13th and i shall return the 5th of January hopefully.

If its anytime later its time lost.


So she thinks I want to date her friends and make her jealous.
whattya know?

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Date:2003-11-17 08:00
Subject:You wanna make a book out of this?

So school starts in 45 mins, its 8 o'clock.

Fuck time! I dont want to go to school but I have to finish filming our short which I co-direct along with my friend Brad and I also kinda star in it as well.

"The Legend of Disco Filbert"

I am disco filbert.

It shall be very funny when completed.

Alysia wants to make a book out of this journal. . .

I guess its because Im so fuckin badass and funny and she loves me very much.

I want to get a haircut as well, but yet film prevents me again.

I made up a few assignments for math! Im gonna pass now! I just have to turn them in today!


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Date:2003-11-16 01:12
Subject:I Gives a Mad Fuck, Yo'!

hey everybody.

fuck what you're goin through.

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Date:2003-11-03 11:23


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Date:2003-10-28 21:19

HERKPRMT: what the fuck for
Kenseyyyy: i dunno
Kenseyyyy: if you want it
Kenseyyyy: cuz you're lonely
Kenseyyyy: haha
Kenseyyyy: man imma be blowed tomorro
Kenseyyyy: w
Kenseyyyy: i love this life.
Kenseyyyy: not my life, but the life of smoking.
Kenseyyyy: gotta love it.
HERKPRMT: ur fuckin lame
HERKPRMT: u want crack
Kenseyyyy: yes.
HERKPRMT: u need a hug but not from me from a base head

hahaha johnny is the homie.

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Date:2003-10-24 19:21
Subject:crazy day

So word i go to school only to be kicked out of second period by a dumbass sub.

he said we are spose to be the most advance students since we are the journalism crew and I was like "yea man, so advanced I can turn on that tv with my mind".

he got all pissy and shit and kicked me out

so i get to the office and its all boring and stuff so I get up and talk to my coonect in the office and arrange the leaving plans.

shortly thereafter I get a pass to leave campus grounds and return home.

Im so fuckin G.

so i WALK home but go to Steven's house and hcill there and smoked bud all day up till now.

that's so many hours that could ahve been productive.

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Date:2003-10-23 16:29

school is whack yo.

the entire school had to stay 10 minutes late cuz some fucks pulled the fire alarm twice today.

Its only 10 minutes but that's MY 10 minutes of MY life!


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Date:2003-10-21 16:19
Subject:Hello Strangers

so here's the skinny niggaz:

Aint shit happening. I called Steve and Little but no answer. I need to speak with them. No one is home, someone locked the fuckin front door with that piece of shit chain lock again so I had to walk around the fuckin house to go to the back door. I hate that shit! Its hot as fuck and I just want to get inside.

Its goin down
Cuz Im around
Swift you knows how i get down

What up Blood
What up Cuz
What up Blood
What up Gangstaaaaaaa

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Date:2003-10-20 08:12
Mood: bored

fuckin damn it!

im eating a hot-pocket as of now.

im drinking chocolate milk as of now.

chocolate milk is prolly my favorite thing.

i wonder if anyone even reads this shit journal.

I was spose to only post when on fade but now Ive grown to it.

ok, ill only say this once, doll gots me spinning.

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Date:2003-10-20 08:00
Subject:check it

just waitin for time to pass and go to school.

ummmm, hey!

What's up guys?

Everybody loves me right?

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Date:2003-10-19 18:42

its so damn boring on sundays.

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Date:2003-10-18 17:00
Subject:Haunt last night

so yea, haunt last night was dope, we went deep as fuck, but that didnt help that it was already overpacked.

we had a bottle of E&J which we drank at my pad and my parents got home and we still managed to catch fade.

Wow, we are just so cool.

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